Where does your water come from?

Dated: February 14 2024

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We had a guest speaker at one of our meetings today, Janet Pauli of the Mendocino County Inland Water and Power Commission, and she was updating us as to the current situation with Scott Dam of Lake Pillsbury and Cape Horn Dam of the Van Arsdale reservoir.  PG&E plans to decommission those as they no longer want to manage either-- and the impact will be felt all the way down to counties south of us.  

However you feel about water rights & diversion of water, you probably go to your faucet and turn on the water to wash your hands, do laundry, dishes, and shower/bathe.  And the point was made today that so many people do not know exactly where that water comes from.  Understandable!  It's not commonly taught or brought into the forefront of news to us.  But it's a very good idea to become more aware of in the future.  If water is stopped from being diverted, then the groundwater, reservoirs, and further downstream will all be affected over time.  Quite often, cities get their water from wells & reservoirs, so these indeed can be affected when a large flow of water is redirected away-- which can indeed affect how the city is able to supply adequate water to its residents.  So, even when you live with "guaranteed" water coming from the faucet, it's a good idea to know and understand the larger picture of where it really comes from...

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